The Idea

Daily Deals trackerAt the moment, is a group buying and Daily Deals tracker. We track all the best current deals listed on deal of the day sites, travel sites, group buying sites and many more.

Once tracked, we sort and publish them on one single website, as we do not want you to miss a great deal again. We also keep information about deals that have already finished and allow you to discuss those deals, as sometimes people like to praise or critique their experiences with deals. Of course, everyone knows websites like Groupon and LivingSocial, but we track even those websites that have just recently launched so that you have an amazing and truly useful tool in our site.

We encourage business owners and our visitors to share their deals in the free listings. We hunt for as many discounts as possible, wherever they may appear: in group deals, deal of the day sites or on the personal sites of business owners. All you have to do is to visit, subscribe our weekly email or find the mobile version of our site and you will get up-to-date listings of the latest deals of the day. We categorise and organise deals so that you can filter out deals that you are not interested in or do not like.

We work for you – we only win when you win!

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