About MyDeal

Welcome on board!

We are all in this together. Some of you (like us) are hunting deals/sales /bargains/vouchers/coupons and some of you have something to offer. Let’s work on building this website together so everyone can win. Win!!!

Here is some of what we have to offer you:



Get all the best daily deals on one page, where we carefully bring them all together so you can save more time and money. We will always allow you to share a deal on this website in cases in which you need a group for your deal to become valid! Submit your deal and it will be uploaded quickly.


saleWe know that you just LOVE a bargain. So do we! This is why we have made a special sales page for you to get the latest news about sales /bargains and special offers in different stores. Do you know a good sale going on in your town? Or maybe a discount market? Garage sale? Maybe you are even organizing one? Share it. Seriously. You can do it here quite simply. We are together in this – it is much more fun to hunt and shop together.

Catalogues saleCatalogues

They’re a headache for us and probably for you too. There usually are some good deals in all those hundreds of catalogues, but getting to them all takes a bloody long time! We’re working to gather them all together in one place and you can help us! If you find a catalogue that you think would be interesting to other people, share it – let us all know about it!


gift card

This is the good part. Have you ever struggled with finding a present when you have a very short period of time to look? A gift voucher is always a good option. We gather gift vouchers from the best shops all across Ireland and you don’t have to do anything. If you can’t find a voucher for your favourite shop, just tell us! We will work to get a gift voucher for that shop listed on our page!

To make a long story short, the point of this website is for you to help us help you. Happy bargain hunting!